I am available for commissions. Rates are open to negotiation (down and up :D) depending on complexity, and whether its for personal use or publication, but as a rough starting guide (subject to seeing your project, obviously) here are some figures. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you think these are outside your budget, particularly for small press projects, as we can definitely discuss terms.

  • Written word (original fiction, opinion column etc): £0.04/word.
  • Proofing: I am something of an incurable proof-reader and punctuation pedant. Rates start at £5/1000 words,.
  • Map creation (from your sketch):
    • Small encounter area, dungeon level, small settlement/area, wargame table (up to A4 print resolution): £30;
    • Region, town/city (up to A3 print): £60;
    • World map (up to A2): £100;
    • Wall map (A0 high quality/detail): £250+ (the example on my Cartography page took 40-50 hours from sketch art, and is essentially at regional map levels of detail but covering a very large area);
    • Additional charges for such things as making up town/region names etc.
  • Scenario design: rates will vary depending on complexity and my familiarity with the system:
    • One-off encounter (typically a couple of combats and some role-play or problem solving – 2 maps and 1000 words or so), single wargame scenario: £60;
    • Larger multi-session scenario, mini campaign: pro rata depending on scale.
  • Page layout/graphic design to PDF (your text): £30 + £1/page.

And also:

  • A5 laser-printed custom waterslide decals: £2/sheet with your artwork. Design work £10+, negotiable.


Most stuff I create that’s already downloadable is covered for personal use by Creative Commons Licencea Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. However, if you’ve reached this page, you’re probably looking at using a resource of mine in a commercial project.

The short answer is, ask me! While I am (obviously) interesting in making a return on my effort, I’m equally interested in supporting independent creators and getting my work out there. Depending on who you are, commercial licenses for resources I create may range anywhere from ‘just give me a link and a credit’ upwards.