Laser Decals

Custom printed decals from your artwork. Pro-grade Xerox laser printer, clear or white decal sheet.

  • A5 sheet £3
  • A4 sheet £5
  • UK P&P £2 (large letter) for up to 5 sheets – shipped in A4 card-backed envelope.
  • Custom design work from £10 depending on complexity etc.


  • Your artwork should be actual size, 200dpi resolution, preferably PNG.
  • Laser printers will (obviously) not print the white areas from your design. If your design requires white areas, either specify white decal sheet, or use a white undercoat.
  • For decals that require a white border (for example, some British AFV Arm of Service markings), I can print on white with crop/cut marks around each marking.
  • You will need to cut the design to size before soaking.
  • Unlike inkjet decals, laser decals are immediately waterproof, so do not need me to faff around with acrylic spray as part of the process of creating them.
  • I personally spray gloss varnish the decal area (to give a smooth surface), apply the decal by soaking in water till it lifts, and then spray gloss varnish again. I have not, as yet, tried MicroSol/MicroSet, but see no reason why this wouldn’t work
  • Turnaround time ~1 week.
  • Refund or reprint if not satisfied.
  • Contact me for details