Published Work

Magazine Articles

Too Fat Lardies


  • Modelling Continuous Exposure to Combat in IABSM: Reflecting the effects of prolonged combat in AABSM (Christmas 2013)
  • Fine Tuning IABSM: How to adjust the balance of scenarios (Christmas 2017)
  • If You Go Down To The Woods Today: Terrain in Dux Britanniarum (Summer 2013)
  • 4d6 Shades Of Green: Terrain in Dux Raiders (Christmas 2014)
  • IABSM Lite: shorter IABSM scenario design for club nights (Lard Mag 01)


  • Out of the Frying Pan: 3-way scenario for IABSM set in Normandy (Christmas 2016)
  • Valle della Marie: Italy 1944 IABSM scenario (Summer 2017)
  • San Pietro: Italy 1944 IABSM scenario (Lard Mag 01)

Blog Articles

My gaming blog is at Trouble At T’Mill. It has well over a thousand posts on various aspects of the hobby, including a number of how-to series and fiction pieces:

  • To Britain’s Shores: A series of reports for a Dux Britanniarum (Too Fat Lardies) campaign, written as a piece of continuing fiction.
  • A Horse Of A Different Colour: A series on the genetics (and painting) of horse coats.
  • Heraldry: A beginner’s guide to the terminology and usage of heraldry.
  • Probability For Wargames: Various articles on understanding basic (and not so basic) examples of probability and chance in the context of wargaming.
  • Colour Concepts: how we perceive colour, and how that translates to painting and photography (ongoing)
  • Setting Up A Blog: a newcomer’s guide to setting up a blog using Blogger (ongoing)
  • Photographing Miniatures: explaining concepts in photography (ongoing)

My RPG blog is at The Sage DM, predominantly focusing on DMing D&D 5th Edition from the point of view of someone who last played 2nd :D.


Solo Artist

  • “The Oak The Rowan and the Wild Rose”: self-produced cassette (songwriter, arranger, inlay design)
  • “Shattered Dreams”: self-produced CD/cassette (songwriter, arranger, inlay design)


  • Phoenix, “Dancing Flames”: cassette (guitar, songwriter, vocals, producer)
  • Phoenix, “Into The Fire”: CD (guitar, songwriter, vocals, producer, artwork, duplication management)
  • Americana: demos (live recording, mixdown)
  • Divisionists, “We Play Rock Music”: EP (bass, overdub engineer)
  • Divisionists, “Daybreak”: vinyl LP (bass, vocal overdub engineer)

Other artists

  • Lawrence Dean, “Labyrinth of Shadows”: CD (producer, artwork, inlay design, duplication management)
  • Erica Neely, “Not Everybody Dies”: CD (inlay design)
  • Clive Murray, “Earthman”: CD (inlay design, duplication management)
  • Andy John Smith: demo recordings (producer, arranger)


  • Before the Dawn: Fantasy rock musical performed at London World SF convention (guitars, musical director, writer)